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About us

Years ago, due to a lack of space on land to protect the coral, an inventive mindset was needed for opening a new kiteschool on the island of Bonaire. And so the idea to start a floating kite school was born in 2014.


After 2 years of waiting for the permit, 'Chogogo Kiteschool Bonaire' was a fact. Starting kite lessons from a platform in the sea made 'Chogogo Kiteschool' the first floating kite school in the world at the time.


Because it was getting busier, more space and mobility was needed. The platform was exchanged for a trimaran in 2020. This made it possible to give two lessons at the same time and to expand with kite trips. This is what we still do today. Personal attention to our customers will always be top priority!

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About us

As of 2022, my dad (Chuck) and I (B) are closely working together. My dad and I are not only family, but rivals and best friends at the same time as well. By running Chogogo Kiteschool together, our passions and dreams are coming together. Our goal: to spread our passion about the outdoors, sustainability and education to eventually inspire and motivate people.


My dad, who is a retired instructor, and I share this passion about learning. About how learning can be made fun and accessible for everyone. We also share the passion to work sustainably. Meaning, we not only worry about our footprint but also about the people around us. But us sharing the same passions does not mean we look at it in the same way. On the contrary. That is precisely why we complement each other enormously. We hope to be accessible to everyone and make this a success.


I was born in Twente (the Netherlands) and after traveling a lot, living across oceans, working at different surf schools and finally getting my university degree, I knew where I wanted to be in life: on the island that is so dear to my family, and living life as close to the ocean as I can. Even though my roots are Antillean, I am new to the island and excited to learn and explore all ins and outs. I can't wait to share these with you!


So, that’s is our story for so far. We hope to see you soon in the water and join us during this journey! Also, if you have any tips or ideas, feel free to share them.

Want to join our team?

We are looking for hardworking, positive, energetic lovers of the sea and kite surfers to help us to share and spread out our passions!


We work hard but we are enjoying life even more! When there is no wind there is still plenty of things to do as we want to make sure people can connect with us and our lifestyle. But it also means watching sunsets together, having fun, organizing parties and going out for a nice kite session and/or a nice sail!


We have open positions for kite instructors. Check out our ‘jobs’ or send us a message with your motivation.

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Bay of Kralendijk, Harbour Village Marina

 ​​Tel: +599 700 5073

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